FC Zenit vs Real Madrid | 30/09/2008 20:45 CET | Petrovsky Stadium | Champions League

Real Madrid take on FC Zenit, the Russian club who won last year’s UEFA Cup and the European Super Cup after they beat Manchester United 2-1. Zenit is a stubborn side, enough said, read on for more.


However, this year, they have sucked both in their domestic league and in the Champions League, at least, so far.

In the domestic league, they are sixth in the table with 14 points. In the Champions League, they lost to Juventus and will likely be beaten by Real Madrid tomorrow night If Bernd Schuster’s men focus and don’t underestimate them. Ofcourse, we’ll have to play well too.

Having said that, I think it is going to be a very difficultmatch.They are the only Russian team Europe is talking about. Whether it is due to Arshavin or the whole team, we shouldn’t care, though we need to win this match no matter how. Russian teams are very very strong physically and do certain things very well.

We have snatched three points so far but not in “style”. We have Juventus ahead as well, who are The Europe’sbest