dream for me. Scoring one goal in the Bernabéu is marvellous, but to score three in one game is incredible,” he told AS.

I am delighted about the way everything went in the game against Sporting for me.

“I must admit that I did enjoy some luck in scoring me three goals. If you tell Ruud or Raúl that they will score three goals they will be happy, but for a midfielder to do it is almost unthinkable.”

Van der Vaart’s second goal of the evening saw him clip the ball in with an audacious back-heel and he admits to being fortunate to see it helped on its way.

Ihadthe confidence to try something like that and hoped it would turn out well. I connected with my heel and it clipped a defender before going in, which was lucky for me,” he continued.

After the game I was obviously delighted and I could only sleep for a couple of hours because I was so excited. But now I have calmed down and now I am focussed on Betis.

Good luck to Van der Vaart in future Real Madrid games, I do think he has a lot of potential (though Real Madrid could have bought him for a little less money), I think he has what it takes to be a Real Madrid player and that is, individual quality.

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We need these type of players, who can score beautiful goals and make chances with very little to work with. I think right now we have too many players like Raul and Higuain, who though work very very hard and are instrumental in keeping the moral of the team on a high level but are never expected to perform excessively good.

And I know Raul scored with an unbelievable finish in the last match against Sporting Gijon but that was a one off, the whole team was having fun. Anyway, the point is we need a striker who can score goals like Ronaldo (Brazillian one), who doesn’t thrive on service and who is able to score solo goals.

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