Sergio Ramos will not play Tonight

As I suspected earlier that Sergio Ramos’s style of play is fundamentally the same as Rafael Nadal’s of Tennis. They both depend heavily on power, strength and stamina. Sergio Ramos sometimes plays a kind of football that on the face of it looks too good to be true. He goes forward and swings in booming crosses, he scores goals, is good in the air, he dribbles for heavens sake.

How many defenders in the world today can do a 360 and actually beat a defender while facing the opponents goal. I don’t think even Cristiano Ronaldo can claim to have done that, his 360’s are always side ways facing a side line or facing towards his own goal. Now I am not here to compare Cristiano and Ramos.

The point is Sergio Ramos cannot keep his style of play up throughout the whole season and that is why maybeSchuster has come to the conclusion that he is going to use Ramos for big games, where he can play as an impact player against big teams like Barcelona or Manchester United in the Champions League.

Real Madrid may well have made a less than convincing start to the season but with two consecutive victories now behind them it seems they are finally kicking into gear.

Last years league champions beat both Racing Santanderand