Real Madrid can have Benzema for EUR100 million, Schuster on Raul

Lyon’s President had some good news and some bad news (I know I use that a lot) today. The good news was that the PRESIDENT said that any club (not just Real Madrid) can have Benzema (Hurrah on that). Then the bad news came, what the president really meant was that any club can have Benzema for 100 million euros. Wooh, that is a lot of money.

Benzema is one of the most feared strikers in Europe and has been subject to speculation in recent months because of his goal scoring abilites and his individual quality. Benzema , last seasons, scored 20 goals in 36 starts which is Ronaldo like ratio. This seasons he already has scored 4 goals in 5 matches, in two of the matches he came on as a sub.

That price tag tells me that Lyon really want to protect their prodigious talent and want to build a team that would put them in Europes Elite, but considering that Lyon don’t pose a huge potential in the Champions League, it is going to be hard for them to retain the services of their hitman when big clubs come hunting for Benzema and as always, one of the BIG CLUBS gunning for Benzema is Real Madrid.

Whether Real Madrid sign Benzema or not, one thing is of absolute significance and that is, a quality signing in the winter market. I know a lot people are saying that Schuster should just try to play with his current squad and think up of a strategy, but here is the deal.

Real Madrid do not have enough individual quality in attack to come back in a big game or deliver in big matches e.g Champions Leauge against Manchester United or Chelsea. I think Real Madrid do not stand a chance over two legs if we do get a match in round of 16 (I am assuming Real Madrid would qualify from their group.)

We need someone who is near to a complete midfield player who can score goals out of nothing and can perform when the team is down, who can lead the team and raise their moral with his individual brilliance and his calm in pressure situations.

Van Nistelrooy is a great striker no doubt, but he thrives on service so much that he cannot do anything if he is not being fed with quality through balls which we all know can happen as most teams do tend to defend like hell against Real Madrid.

BuyingHuntelaaris another option, but my pick would be Adriano, considering the current situation in the market. Adriano, if kept under watch, is among the top 3 strikers in the world. On his day no one can match his brilliance and technique. He can shoot, dribble, run, head and pass the ball, a complete centre forward.

In the past few seasons, his form has not been the greatest but that was because he had some personal issues in his life and lost someone close to him which really put him down.

But now I think Schuster knows how to handle these Brazillians because he handled Robinho pretty well until Calderon and Mijatovic messed it up by that Cristiano saga.

Anyway, I think if Real Madrid want to make some sort of a impact in the Champions League to tell the football world that Real Madrid is still a force in Europe then I think we do need a quality attacking player.

Moving on to Schuster.

Bernd Schuster is rarely in a jovial mood but as he spoke today after the birth of his fifth child yesterday he did seem rather more than chirpy than usual.

Despite the delight which he must have been feeling though theRealMadridmanagerwasmainlymadeto