Player Ratings: Racing 0-2 Real Madrid

Ok, I haven’t done this player ratings for a long time but I think yesterday’s victory was a special won, Real Madrid looked really solid away from home.

Casillas – 7: Called into action just once in the first half and was off his line to avert the danger. Similarly untested in the second period, but remained solid. Had a couple of saves in the second half but he cleaned up nicely every shot that Santander took at him.

Sergio Ramos – 8: Ramos as we know him. An invaluable outlet going forward, worked his man in that regard as well and was strong on the ground and in the air at the back – but always suspect positionally from time to time when he gets too far forward and is prone to the counterattack. In the second half, however, he stayed back in defence and was simply unbeatable.

Slowly, Ramos is looking like he is loosing some of his extreme fitness. I noticed him breathing heavy after some powerful runs forward, not that it’s strange but Ramos is very very fit.

Cannavaro – 7.5: Looking stronger game by game as he comes back to full fitness. His nightmare start in Spain looks all but behind him. One somewhat shaky moment as he chose to head a low ball that was easier to kick, but was otherwise formidable in the challenge and unfortunate to get booked.

But as we know, he is a year older than he was last season, so obviously won’t be ask quick and fit as he was whenhewas crowned the World Player of the Year, I mean, at the World Cup 2006, he was just killing every forward.

Pepe – 7: Still lacking a little bit of sharpness and looked like he could be exposed by the tricky nature of Racing’s forwards, but ultimately his physical presence and power kept him ahead of the game.

I love Pepe’s thinking about the game, he is a no nonsense defender and tries to take practical approaches on winning ball especially in the last two matches including this one. His pace is something he relies on very much when he tries to strip attackers off the ball.

Heinze – 6.5: Another one unfortunate to be shown the yellow card. Defensively solid in the first half, let nothing past him,