Schuster Mocks Robinho’s Decision.


Well, Schuster has done it again. Schuster has mocked Robinho on his “forced” transfer to Manchester City and made a statement that Robinho had joined a “mediocre” club.

Ok, no “falsehood” in that but these are the type of things that can grow on you. Anyway, leaving that beside. I was thinking, when the heck is somebody going to buy Real Madrid. I mean, if these investers think they can succeed their businesses with clubs like Manchester City, Chelsea and even Manchester United, Imagine what they’ll be able to achieve with Real Madrid who already is the biggest club in the world.

If Real Madrid does sell itself to some investers, I want them to be Arabs. Yes Arabs or someone from Abu Dabi (gulf areas).Thereare two reasons for this. First, Arabs are rich and Second, they spend lavishly. Look at what the American owners of Liverpool have done to the club.

Yes they have brought some money into the club but they didn’t just buy every player available on the market unlike Chelsea, who literally romped the Summer market for the past 3 to 4 years , signing the best players available.