Real Madrid 4-3 Numancia

Guti with his second goal of the season

Guti with his second goal of the season

El Mundo De Real Madrid. Yeah, I have learned some spanish and that particular phrase means (I think) “Welcome to the world of Real Madrid” and yeah, if you watched last night’s match against Numancia, you already have experience the world of Real Madrid.

Like I said. That was the old Real Madrid. Attack attack attack. Real Madrid resemble Brazil so much now (except that we only have one Brazillian in the whole squad who is a 20 year old) both in their mentality and style of play. Real Madrid’s played with so much enthusiasm, it wasn’t hard to see why Real Madrid have been the Champions of Spain for the past two seasons.

I mean, Real Madrid rarely kept the ball in the middle of the field which most teams do until they break down the opposition, e.g Chelsea. Real Madrid either had the ball in the opposition’s box or in their own as is evident from the scoreline.

Numancia defeated Barcelona on Matchday 1 and were the Whites’ opponent for the first league clash at the Bernabéu this year. Real Madrid definitely these 3 points badly to get on the board of La Liga as Barcelona had drawn their home game against Racing on Saturday but Numancia wanted to do a “Barcelona” and wanted to beat Real Madrid.

Schuster again did an experiment with the starting line up, new faces included Salgado, Higuain and Van der Vaart who had an exceptional game tonight and was instrumental in giving Real Madrid some coshion going into the second half . On the other hand.

Numancia lacked strikers Goiría, Guayre and Platero, but managed to score three goals nevertheless. Hehe, funny is’nt it, well that only tells you how poorly Real Madrid defended tonight and I am telling you “awful” is an understatement.

The first strike of the evening came immediately after kick-off, when Moreno headed in a corner-kick served by Barkero (6′). One of the worst cases of defending you will see this season. I mean, he literally headed the ball close to the 6 yard box with no one within sight to unsettle him with a challenge or something, it was’nt a free header, it was a FREE HEADER!!!!.

Real Madrid tried to keep it simple but effective, there was no messing about from Real Madrid tonight, Real Madrid was either trying to score goals or defending for their lives to save the match and that is why it was one of the most entertaining match I have seen so far this season in the whole of Europe.

Robben took a shot on target right outside the box (14′), followed by Van Nistelrooy’s (16′), who truned on his feet inside the box. Both chances were brilliantlysavedby Juan Pablo.

Guti was the mainstay of Real Madrid's attack this evening and made some brilliant passes

Guti was the mainstay of Real Madrid’s attack this evening and made some brilliant passes


A few minutes later, Guti received a pass from Van Nistelrooy and scored a great goal (which was a deflection actually from the defender which put off the keeper, but to see Guti trying from that far out was enough to brand that goal as great) from from 8 feet outside the box on the 19-minute mark. Guti’s strike is the team’s No. 5,000 in La Liga.

The Bernabeu crowd didn’t know at this point that they were in for a treat and by God, were they treated with one.

Numancia fought back and pleased their 1,500 fans at the stadium with a phenomenal goal by Barkero; that guy and the ball came out of his foot smokin’, I mean, if you remember the goal that Scholes’s goal which he scored against Barcelona in Champions League Semi Final 2007-2008 then you don’t need me telling you how good it was, anyway, he took a shot half-way accross Madrid’s half of the pitch and sent the ball through the top-left corner of the goal (22′)

Kresic’s men then made the fatal mistake which most teams (if not all) make at the Bernabeu and that was to play with 10 men behind the ball which obviously allowing the Whites to move around with the ball as they pleased. The Madridistas’ secondgoalwasslatedtobescoredin