No Winter Signings, Bolt to Train with Real Madrid And Gatti Hits Out

Mijatovic comes up with

Mijatovic comes up with “shocker of the Day”

Real Madrid had such a bad strategy in the summer market that we not only failed to sign players such as Villa (I am glad Real Madrid didn’t), Huntelaar and Cristiano Ronaldo (Thank God for that too) but also lost our prized asset, our jewel and the most entertaining player in Real Madrid, Robinho.

You would have thought that the money Real Madrid got from the sale of Robinho would be used to buy players in the winter transfer market to strengthen the squad’s attacking department. Players that were linked to Real Madrid were Lucas Podolski and Aaron Lenon (I hope that stays a rumour), but looks like Mijatovic (Real Madrid’s sporting director) has other ideas.

Mijatovc told Real Madrid Tv in an interview that Real Madrid would not be signing anymore players in the winter market, which is absurd as Real Madrid definitely need to add something extra to the striking squad as I do not think Saviola can be relied upon. Anyhow, Mijatovic thought otherwise.

Real Madrid will not make any signings in the winter transfer market,” was his blunt reply when asked by the interviewer.

We have a group of 24 players and at this stage, we do not have the intentions of recruiting any new players, although in football, you never know,” he explained further.

Mijatovic was then asked to access Real Madrid’s failed summer transfer activities, starting with David Villa and before that Cristiano Ronaldo.

We made an offer for him, one which we considered sufficient, but his club Valencia made a counter-offer which made it impossible for us to negotiate. We were not about to go mad for him.

“As for Cazorla, I was specifically ordered by the president not to be forced to pay his buy-out clause because Real Madrid are great not just because of our achievements but also because of our control and authority.

And for Cristiano Ronaldo, it was obvious that we wanted to sign him but Manchester United opposed strongly to his sale,” Mijatovic detailed.

And then as always. Mijatovic madesomenice and routine statements by saying that he and Schuster are very happy with the squad (yeahhhh… heard that one before) even though , few days ago Schuster said that there were players that he wanted Real Madrid to sign.

My relation with Schuster is excellent. We are both top people in charge of our own duties and we speak daily about everything that’s on our agenda,” he assured.

Bolt wants a taste Los Galacticos

Bolt wants a little taste of Los Galacticos

Usain Bolt, a famous Olympic athlete from Jamiaca has won 3 gold medals in 2008 olympics and now wants to feel what’s it like to win 31 league titles and 9 Champions League titles by stating his ambition to train with Real Madrid players.

When asked about Real Madrid, the pacy sprinter told the media that he is looking forward to train with Real Madrd players.

“I have been invited to train with them, and be assured that I will go,” he said.

Anyway, one very strange thing is that, though he is the fastest man on the planet right now, he likes a player who is the most deviod of pace, that is none otherthanVanNistelrooy,whomheconsiders”one