Why Real Madrid got rid of Robinho And Want Podolski

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According to some reports, it was not only that Robinho was JUST upset with Real Madrid for trying to use Robinho as a bait to land Cristiano Ronaldo, there were some other reasons as well for the departure of Robinho from Real Madrid.

Robinho told Ramón Calderón that he would rather become a travelling salesman than continue to play for Real Madrid in a bid to force through a transfer, according to the player’s agent.

The Brazilian’s unhappiness at the Bernabéu was no secret, yet it was expected that after pushing through his departure, which ended in a surprising switch to Manchester City, that things would go quiet.

But Vagner Ribeiro has continued revealing things by stating that Robinho told Caldéron clearly that he had no intention of staying and that was the start of the whole saga.

The key was the meeting with the president. Caldéron told Robinho that he would not leave the club under any circumstances,” he told Joven Pan.

Robinho replied by telling him ‘I do not want to stay, I would prefer tobecomea travelling salesman than remain here.”

“From then on, and with all the rumours and reports created by the press, everyone turned against him.”

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On the subject of rumours, he continued, “It was put about that Robinho was going to be a Chelsea player, so we celebrated that. When the press asked us about Manchester City, I said it wasn’t happening.”

But at 10:45 in the evening they asked if he was going to City, and I said that he’d be going anywhere except Real Madrid. So Chelsea’s Peter Kenyon was frantically calling me desperatelytryingtofigureoutwhatwasgoing