Calderon explains Robinho sale and Ronaldo Chase.

Hi everyone,

This is not really a post. I just wanted to let you all know what Calderon has to say about the shocking deadline transfer of Robinho to Manchester City which I think has harmed the future of both Real Madrid and Robinho.

Real Madrid have lost a great talent, though if Robinho keeps up this attitude, I do not think he will go far in his career. As for Robinho, I think it is a big step down in his career, may be he has Chelsea at the back of his mind and he is hoping that by playing for Manchester City for one season he would be able to impress Chelsea and finally would get transferred there at the end of the season.

Anyway, coming back to Calderon and his reasons which are always very very formal and he is always very very composed and does not reveal anything definitive in his interviews. Anyway, this one, I could say is may be an exception.

“Robinho has a morale problem moreextensivethan we first thought,” said Calderon. “When he talked about his situation, he cried and demanded to leave Spain.

His departure from Madrid is not only due to playing motivation, there is something else, which is beyond my reasoning. The important thing is that the squad is not seriously affected by a player who would only bring them down.”

And about Ronaldo,Calderon