Robinho Again

Hi Everyone,

Looks like Schuster has had enough of Robinho and did not even bother to enter into discussion at the press conference about Robinho. Chelsea meanwhile have defended themselves and have refuted Real Madrid claims about Chelsea’s inappropriate behaviour regarding contacting Robinho.


Chelsea however, have said that they are not doing anything wrong and also cleared up the “Robinho Shirt sale” controversy. Chelsea’s official website showed Robinho’s name on one of its shirts and Real Madrid did not find that amusing. Chelsea have said that this was an “Regretable accident” which should be over looked by everyone including Real Madrid.

Well excuse me, but should Chelsea be explaining that accident a bit more. Chelsea just said that the dealer was external and thatleadto some misunderstandings. I tell them to keep this non sense reasons to themselves. They are also doing what Real Madrid did to C.Ronaldo though not to the same extent.

Anyway, Schuster has also become upset over Robinho’s stupid behaviour.

Bernd Schuster stated that Robinho’s outburst was not worth his attention after seeing Real Madrid lose their opening game of the season at Deportivo LaCoruña.