clubonly wants him to stay now because they haven’t found a replacement,(which no-one knows is true or not).Which again I know it’s all down to his agent ,mind twisting him into thinking that , along with the media.

2nd Calderon’s obsession, as we all know, with Cristiano Ronaldo disrespected Robinho & Calderon made no effort to have a chat with Robinho toassurehim that he is an important part of the Real Madrid team & that it was all the media blowing up stories as always.Which was very suspect.

Hence this led Robinho to be pissed & to hit back at Calderon & the club hard…which he has clearly done.

3rd ,Now if he wants to leave, Calderon will not stop him (I think so). For the right price, that is. Because even though Robinho wants to leave there is no way Calderon can let a player like Robinho go for a bid like 28 million .

BE SERIOUS PEOPLE!, Robinho can go but Chelsea if you really want him pay Real Madrid 40mil or Robihno buy out your contract for 50mil or Chelsea can can just jerk off, that is what Calderon is basically saying in a nutshell.