Stupid Robinho

Robinho has really done it now.

Robinho said in his press conference which he arranged himself (no Real Madrid involvement).

“I have told Schuster and Pedja that I want to leave the club,” Robinho told reporters. “The coach thinks that he can have me back, but I am only thinking about playing for Chelsea.

“My agent has gone to the club a thousand times to speak to them and the club has not shown any interest in keeping me.

“Now that the club have failed to sign anyone else, suddenly they want me to stay.”

Robinho then stated that Schuster had not made him feel at home or that he was invaluable, despite reports that the German is keen to hold on to the player.

Schuster is not my father, he is only my coach,“hecontinued.

Let me first add, the people who think, why does’nt Robinho just buy his contract out. Well, that is because it will cost him around 45 million euros. Enough said, lets move on.

I can see both side of the coin here, as well as I am pissed at both parties for what they are doing or what they have done already.

1st off Robinho feels that the