Robinho Still Not Done Yet, And Del Bosque on Raul

Two bad news today. First is that Robinho still has not got over his wish to leave Real Madrid for Chelsea and the second one is really a shocker if nothing else. That is, Del Bosque, the new Spain’s National team coach has omitted Raul from Spain’s Squad for the World Cup qualifiers. He has also left out Bojan Krkic so this gives me the impression that he is not totally an anti-Raul like Aragones was.


Del bosque said that he left raul out of the squad purely because of sporting reasons. That excuse just sucks so much now, I have been hearing these kind of excuses since I started watching football. Why are these coaches so hesistant in stating the real reason why they really leave out players like Raul.


DelBosquecould have said that “yeah, I do not like Raul” or something like ” Raul’s has noodle shaped hair which is not good for spain’s image in the football world”. Any reason at all except ” We left Raul out due to sporting reasons” why do they always want to sound like SERIOUS PEOPLE, nobody is going to bite Del Bosque for saying that he hates Raul or Raul is nothing but a garbage player