Deportivo- Real Madrid Preview (31-Aug-2008)

The Madridistas’ first objective this year is to break the Riazor ‘curse’ and take the first three points at stake in order to have a good start to their quest for their third consecutive league title.


Deportivo is the boogey team for Real Madrid. I have not seen Real Madrid win there since I was born (assuming, that I started watching football, particularly Real Madrid since the day I was born). Yeah, May be not, as Real Madrid The last time Real Madrid won at Riazor was in 1991 thanks to goals by Hierro, Míchel and Butragueño. Chendo, the current Team Delegate and former Real Madridcaptain,is the only man on the team today that knows what it’s like to win in A Coruña.

So a victory would be very nice but a victory by 2 goals would mean that Real Madrid would become the first team in La liga to score 5000 goals. Man that is a lot of goals.

Schuster has mixed his lineup a lot this season (so far). Deportivo,as