The Great Real Madrid (25-Aug-2008)

Ok, I do not know about you guys but I just cannot get enough of Real Madrid. Everywhere I go, I see Real Madrid (in sports that is, as I consider all Spain’s athletes to be Real Madrid players and infact, many of them are huge fans of Real Madrid and I have yet to come across one who supports Barcelona or Manchester United).

These past few days, Real Madrid season has really kicked off, on field and off field. The rumours are now much more varied than before. All that I heard until this week was either related to C.Ronaldo or Robinho. Now only Robinho is the old NEWS and there are plenty of things to talk about.

The season is really lighting up now as the transfer season heads to a close down. I am hoping Real Madrid would sign two players more now that the departure of Robinho is nothing less than certain. My picks are Quaresma or Diego and Huntelaar. I first wanted Adriano but it seems like Chelsea have a done deal over there which will see Drogba move to Inter Milan to rejoin his former coach Jose Mourinho while Adriano will move to Chelsea, for a possible reunion with fellow Brazillian Kaka or Robinho.

The most talked about personality now a days is Rafael Nadal not David Beckham. Nadal who beat Roger Federe (world number 1 for 4 consecutive years) at French Open and Wimbledon this year. Anyway, I am not here to talk about Tennis History, though I am a huge fan of tennis just like I am a huge fan of Real Madrid, but it makes me feel proud to see Nadal succeed as he is a big Real Madrid fan too.

When Real Madrid loose, I think to myself that I have lost as well. I feel down and am not able to feel “ready”the next morning as I get demotivated whenever I see Real Madrid loose, same is the case with Nadal. Infact, I only started watching Nadal because I saw him at RealMadrid’smatch final match of 2006-2007 season, when Real Madrid won their last home game against Mallorca I think, to win the league and Nadal went like crazy, jumped up and down and was really feeling the atmosphere as well.

That just shows, how big Real Madrid really is. Not only Rafael Nadal but also Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic (world number 3) are huge fans of Real Madrid , though not as passionate as Nadal is but still, it shows the powerful brand Real Madrid is.

I have never seen these kind of things happening with Barcelona or Manchester United. Only Businessman come and see Manchester United games because Manchester United does not give a damn to it’s fans and its followers while Real Madrid does, infact most of the time a player or even presidents get the kick on Real Madrid fans demand (by the way, that also happens in Barcelona but not in Manchester United).

Manchester United justcareaboutmakingmoremoneyfromfootball