Huntelaar, Robinho and Schuster


Woo Hu, now that’s what I am talking about. Get a damn striker Real Madrid. Reports says that while Robinho’s chances of leaving for Chelsea are slim, Real Madrid is still going out in the market looking for a striker and the name that has come up is Klas Jan Hunterlaar. Yeah baby, AKA The Hunter.

Well guys, I cannot begin to tell you how ecstatic I am, I just wish Real Madrid can turn this interest into a done deal within two weeks, ie before the transfer window closes, though it gives me another thought. Is Huntelaar going to be used as a sub or you know, chop and change as they say. I am going to go with chop and change because Raul and Van Nistelrooy cannot play week in and week out at their same levels for the obvious reasons.

Real Madrid have around EUR25m to put to the Dutch club for their striker, which is an amount that they are confident will be seen as to good to turn down.

Marco van Basten has recognised that Huntelaar will leave the Amsterdam outfit one day,well my friend, that one day is withing two weeks from the looks of it, he should leave, I think he definitely should, he is talented enough and I think it is just the right age to move to a big club and start making some real cash. By the way I dont think Van Basten may have believed that it would not be this summer with only just over two weeks of the window remaining.

Raúl and Ruud van Nistelrooy are Madrid’s two recognised goalscorers and that has caused Schuster concern and now the message has been heard by the club’s hierarchy who are ready to do a deal.

Chelsea will not give up on Robinho

Here we go again, The Robinho saga.

Well, though Real Madrid has said that Robinho is not for sale (especiallyafterthe Ronaldo deal did not go through) Chelsea still insist that Chelsea can sign Robinho because of the money factor obviously.

The problem is Robinho. It is because of his insistence on leaving , that Chelsea are showing so much interest even after hearing from Real Madrid that Real Madrid will not do any business over Robinho (well if Chelsea are willing to exchange Ballack and Essien with Robinho then that’s another matter).

Real Madrid claim that Robinho will not be sold at any price got short shrift from Kenyon, speaking at the press conference to announce Frank Lampard’s new contract. Chelsea’s Kenyon said.

It is continuing. Hopefully not for as long as the speculation about Frank,” he said. “We’ve still got a few days left of the window and hopefully we’ll get a result.”

Though Real Madrid have made their interest public about Huntelaar, RamonCalderonhastoldRobinhothathewill