Ronaldo Still Wants Real Madrid

Yup, you heard it right. Ronaldo still wants Real Madrid which is hard to believe. I always thought he wanted to come to Real Madrid so that he could make more money and more fame. Though he still wants that but I think his desire to join Real Madrid is because of other reasons than money and fame like he said that Real Madrid was his dream club and how his mother also said the she wanted to see him play in the white jersey before she dies (lollz on that).

Anyway, Ronaldo has told his close friends and Real Madrid players (namely Pepe) that if Manchester United do not allow him to join Real Madrid for the 2009-2010 campaign then he would force an exit. That sounds refreshing as then, it would mean that Manchester United just would not be able to ask whatever they want from Real Madrid (like they asked around 120 million euro mark this time).

C.Ronaldo was also told by Ferguson that he can leave to whenever he wants and to which ever club he wants except Real Madrid. Whats up with that. Why does Ferguson hate Real Madrid so much. Just because RealMadridhas achieved almost twice as much as Manchester United in terms of sporting success does not mean that Ferguson should hate Real Madrid.

Ferguson also said that he would allow Ronaldo to leave for any club other than Real Madrid, for half the price Real Madrid were willing to pay but Ronaldo said that he only wanted to join Real Madrid and if not then he would stay at Manchester United another season.

That tells me that Ronaldo is not all money and fame, though it is a big part of him, but he also wants to join Real Madrid because of thegreatnessoftheclubandtoexperience