Schuster Wants A Striker, Baptista and Callejon A Done Deal


OK, after the signing of Van Der Vaart, I thought to myself, “how the hell is Real Madrid going to go another seasons without cover for Raul and Van Nistelrooy, Real Madrid MUST buy a quality striker, no matter what”.

And today came a start to something which could lead to Real Madrid signing a striker. Schuster says he wants a striker no matter what, as he does not believe Real Madrid have enough cover for Van Nistelrooy and Raul. I personally do not see Raul as a striker, I think he is more of a midfielder scorer.

Schuster says he wants a new number 9. My ideal would be Adriano (Inter Mila) and second preference would be Klas Jan Huntelaar, assuming that Benzema is not available.

However, Real’s sports chiefs are split over who to go for, . Pedja Mijatovic wants Ajax striker Klaas Jan Huntelaar, while Miguel Angel Portugal prefers Valencia’s David Villa. I hate Villa, he is not what Real Madrid is looking for, Real Madrid want individual talents, Adriano and Huntelaar have plenty of that, Villa relies too much on service and is not consistent enough. Adriano is also not consistent but he makes up for it with his pure class. He can score goals, some would only dream of scoring. David Villa cannot do Adriano can.

I would say, Real Madridgofor Adriano or Huntelaar. Adriano has got more ability but he is a brazillian, which means that he can be easily distracted by money and other stuff. It also means that he would have a bad attitude like all Brazallians have when they talk about “being happy at a club”,