Robinho, Van Der Vaart, Ferguson on Real Madrid

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Sorry for not posting yesterday as I had bouth some xbox 360 games ( Bully:Scholarship Edition and Battlefield:Bad Company) which I had to check whether they worked all right or not so I could not get the time to post yesterday.

Anyway, there are tons of news today and which I would be happy to inform you about as now Ronaldo saga has cooled down but there are some after effects which I do not like for the obvious ( and previously stated) reasons.

First I am going to start with Real Madrid club, as thats the most important and the news is that Robinho wants to leave despite knowing that Ronaldo is staying at Manchester United for at least another year. Robinho says that he has not been valued sufficiently to make him change his mind and the Chelsea money is seriously attracting him (he did’nt say that but its the only thing to be implied from his interview).

Apparently, Robinho is also upset with Real Madrid for not letting him join the Brazil olympic Squad and also for not upgrading his current deal to match what Chelsea is offering him. Real Madrid signed Van Der Vaart few days ago which to some, paved way for Robinho to leave Real Madrid, but I do not think so as I think the signing of Van Der Vaart would not affect Robinho’s situation here at Real Madrid.

Robinho’s competition is with Robben who stays injured for most of the season, so virtually Robinho has a guaranteed place in the first team but Robinho thinks otherwise and does not want to sta anymore after he was planned to be used as a make weight in Ronaldo deal.

Robinho wants to leave Real Madrid for Chelsea

Robinho wants to leave Real Madrid for Chelsea


I think Robinho would not be able to perform well at Chelsea, because of his weak build, I would be surprised if he survives the EPL for more than two seasons. He has taken a long time to adjust to La Liga (which is considered close to Brazlian football, but is a bit faster), so one can imagine how long Robinho would take to get settled at Chelsea as the EPL game is completely different to anything Robinho has every played before.

I think at Chelsea he would also have a lot of competition for his place with the likes of Malouda, Joe Cole and Shaun Wright Philips, not to mention Salomon Kalou too. I think it is better if he stays at Real Madrid because Robinho did look like the best player in the world on some occassions last season and I think he is starting to find his feet here at La Liga, a move away not would put Robinho a further two years back and at 24, I think it is about time Robinho comes good to his potential, once touted as the New Pele, Robinho has certainly not lived up to expectations.

Chelsea though, are still not giving up and I think Real Madrid is also not interested in holding on to Robinho with all his antics and stuff. Chelsea have made an official bid for about 19 million pounds and reports say that it’s roughly 5 million off the mark. If Chelsea can find that I think we may not see Robinho in the white jersey next season.

The agent of Robinhohasalso slammed Real Madrid management, so opening the door to a move to Chelsea for the Brazilian.

Wagner Ribeiro rapped to AS: “Real Madrid does not value Robinho. They only care about Cristiano Ronaldo, Rafael Van der Vaart and David Villa. I’ve spent three days trying to talk with Predrag Mijatovic and there is no communication, not with anyone involved in the football department “

“Robinho feels Madrid does not want him to stay. For Real Madrid, Robinho is their last priority, not like Chelsea.

OK that does it, kick Robinho out. Yeah, as much as I love his game , he and his mouth piece Wagner have gone off the roof and are really starting to get on my nerves, Robinho is not like a Messi, for whom Real Madrid would bow down. He is a good player and has the potential of becoming as good as Messi, but nobody knows when will that day come if it does come at all. Let him leave if he is so frustrated at Real Madrid.

Van Der Vaart scores his first goal for Real Madrid in a friendly

Van Der Vaart scores his first goal for Real Madrid in a friendly

Moving on to other news, Van Der Vaart has scored his first offical goal for Real Madrid, though it was a crappy goal, he scored it from a free kick. His free kick bounced like a thousand times before deceiving the keeper with all the defelctions it took from the players inside the box, in a friendly match against Independiente Santa Fe on Real Madrid’s tour of Colombia. Van Der Vaart scored one and created one for Pepe in a come from behing victory for Real Madrid 2-1.

I also heard that while Ronaldo maybedonewithRealMadridforthis