Robinho, Van Der Vaart And Ronaldo

Van Der Vaart, a quality reinforcement

Van Der Vaart, a quality reinforcement

The Holland star was unveiled by Los Galacticos, AHEMMM! I mean Los Merengues, after they finally managed to capture him following a long pursuit.

Van der Vaart is aiming high and he cannot wait to get started at the Bernabeu which is mostly the case with any player that Real Madrid sign.

I will fight to hold down a place in the team but Real Madrid has a lot of great players in their side and so, if I sit on the bench, it wouldn’t be a problem,” said the midfielder.

Real Madrid has an objective, and that is to win the Champions League. I can help them but the important thing is to play.

Ronaldo? It would be good if he came.”

Van Der Vaart explains for his absence in Emirates Cup

Van Der Vaart explains for his absence in Emirates Cup

Van Der Vaart said that he did not play in the Emirates Cup because he did not want to get injured like his pal Wesley Sneijder did, hmm, nice logic. May be he just did not play so that Real Madrid wouldn’t know if he is the same Van Der Vaart that we all know , two year or a year ago. Where he took booming free kicks, could score from anywhere with his left foot, he could run, finish, pass and everything that an attacking midfielder is supposed to do. He said:

Everyone saw what happened to Wesley Sneijder, things like this can always happen and it was just a friendly.”

Van Der Vaart will now be hoping to prove himself as his new team challenge for the Champions League as well as La Liga. I just want to tell him not to get his hopes up too hight for first team action. Even players like Michel Owen had to bear the bench seats at Santiago Bernabeu, no one is guaranteed a first team place here. I think Wesley’s Sneijder’s injury is a blessing in disguise as now Real Madrid would be able to evaluate their main signing so far this summer.

He will definitely have the opportunity to show his talent now that his main competitor is out of the equation for atleast 3 months.

Robinho upset with Real Madrid for not letting him join Selecao for Olympics

Robinho upset with Real Madrid for not letting him join Selecao for Olympics

Coming to Robinho Now, while he was Speaking to Globoesporte, the versatile forward offered a glimpse into his future.

The season is only just beginning and I have proposals from other clubs, such as Chelsea,” he admitted.

Nothing is secure, though. We’re still talking.”

Robinho wants the Chelsea blue too

Robinho wants the Chelsea blue too

The Brazilian, though, gave hints that he was giving serious thought to a move elsewhere after being kept back from his country’s Olympic squad, ostensibly due to ‘injury.

“It’s awful only being able to see the Olympic selection on television,” he sighed.

My intention was to join up with the group, but Real Madrid didn’t want to release me. I’m very sorry about that.”

Why doesn’t he just hand in the transfer request if he so upset about his situation at Real Madrid, I do not dislike Robinho but if he does not want to stay then he should make this clear to Real Madrid so that Real Madrid may sell him and get Quaresma or C.Ronaldo.

How is he blaming Real Madrid for his absence from the Olympics, Hegot injuredthat’s his fault and Real Madrid have invested quite a lot in him so I think it’s Real Madrid right to not let Robinho go for the olympics to stop him further injuring himself by playing for Brazil in the Olympics.




Ronaldo will face Manchester United's Boss Ferguson to set things straight

Ronaldo will face Manchester United’s Boss Ferguson to set things straight

Robinho, who is 24 now, was reportedly also upset at being used as something of a pawn in the proposed Cristiano Ronaldo deal. Well, isn’t it logical that Real Madrid do not want to have two of the best wingers in the world while they cannot play together in a match because one of them is a surplus.


The fact is that Ronaldo is, at the moment, better than Robinho. That is why Real Madrid want him and that is why Real Madrid want to sell Robinho to not let him wrought in the stands or on the bench, he should be greatfull to Real Madrid as I see it. I know what Robinho is going through, but that is just football, if you do not perform and moan about it then you get the kick as will Robinho if C.Ronaldo is signed.

I am a Robinho fan but I am above all a Real Madrid fan, so I have to look this from Real Madrid’s point of view. Robinho might argue that Real Madrid should make clear to him, what is his status at Real Madrid and not make him just sit there and wait what develops in Ronaldo saga just because his future is dependant on it.

Anyway, moving on to the main root of this problem, The Ronaldo Saga.

Good news.

The Cristiano Ronaldo transfer saga is predicted to finally come to aclosethisweekwithRonaldohimselfexpected