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  • His positioning off the ball is exceptional, always finds space by running across the defenders rather than along with them, always helps his teammates by giving them options to play the ball by making himself available.

  • Raul also has great composure which says a lot about his mental toughness, he rarely misses a godo enough chance under tight situations where as many top players in the world today, do miss sitters when playing under extreme pressure, Raul doesn’t and for this very reason he has been playing for the best club in the world for more than a decade.

  • Raul weaknesses:

    Raul may not have any strengths but his mental strength gives him the edge over players that are more talented than him

    Raul may not have any strengths but his mental strength gives him the edge over players that are more talented than him


    • Raul does not have any real weakness neither does he has any strengths apart from his mental abilities, but his main weakness is that he cannot scorelongrange goals

    • His pace is not enough to run down defenders

    • Though he is a striker, he does not have that poacher’s instincts and neither has a devastating finish like Rud Van Nistelrooy but that does not mean that he is not a good striker, he is just not one of the best, though early on in his career he was a very very good finisher and had that acute goal scoring instincts (still does but as I said, he doesn’t have any weakness neither does he has any strengths)but since then, it has been a slide down over this part of his game.

    • Raul ball control is sometimes a liability more than anything but most of the time it’s pretty good.

    • His balance on either feet is also not the best.

    • As mentioned before, Raul is not a naturally gifted player, he has worked hard for everything he has achieved. One consequence of not being naturally gifted it that Raul does not look very comfortable on the ball, he can miss control or miss hit shots when defenders close him down quickly, He is not like a Messi who is very very neat and natural on the ball , defenders think twice before tackling Messi as he has got such good feet and feel on the ball. Raul does not has that.

    Raúl embodies Real Madrid’s core values of commitment, hard work, and composure every time he dons the team shirt, the only one he’ll ever wear in Spain according to him.

    All in all Raul is a sort of standard player who can do everything and has exceptional leadership qualities.

    (Note: this is not the definitive article, this is just what I have observed till the season 2007-2008,Raul may work on his weaknesses or may loose some of his strengths due to the obvious reasons but I will keep it updated so that if Barcelona want to defeat Real Madrid or Raul at least ,they can always count on me (just kidding, I don’t wanna help Barcelona, I just want to warn Real Madrid Lolz)