Van Nistelrooy, Ronaldo and Real Madrid

Ruud: Real Madrid players fed-up with Ronaldo rumours


Guess what, another Real Madrid player is upset with the constant speculation over a deal for Manchester United’s Cristiano Ronaldo and that Real Madrid player is Van Nistelrooy, who played with C.Ronaldo when Van Nistelrooy played for Manchester United but then Van Nistelrooy had a spat with Ferguson over no being played enough and left Manchester United after the season 2005-2006 ended.

It got a bit too far maybe, it is such an issue at the moment in Spain. It gets a bit over the top,” Van Nistelrooy told BBC Radio 5 Live’s Sportsweek programme.

A couple of our players, they made the comment that there was only talk about him and not about the current team and stars, and everybody’s waiting for the next rumour without anything concrete.”

Asked whether he expected Ronaldo to stay at Old Trafford for the forthcoming campaign, the Dutchman added: “I think so, if you hear the statements from United. It doesn’t really sound like they’ll let him go.”

Real Madrid’s Van Nistelrooy laughs off Arsenal boos


I saw that match (Real Madrid vs Hamburg at the Emirates Stadium) and man didn’t the emirates stadium gave Van Nistelrooy a stick for what Van Nistelrooy had done to Arsenal for manyseasonswhile playing from Manchester United. Van Nistelrooy got booed for most of the game and that really showed how much these rivalries mean in England.



In Spain, unless a player moves to a rival club directly (not like Ronaldo.Ronaldo moved from Barcelona to Inter Milan and then moved From Inter Milan to Real Madrid, then from Real Madrid to AC Milan) he is never booed like that. I mean Ok, Van Nistelrooy WAS in Manchester United and now he is in Real Madrid, so I am going to tell Arsenal fans to get over it and stop this, as I write this , I am watching Arsenal Vs Real Madrid and Arsenal fans are doing the sametoHeinzeaswell,nowthatis