Hamburg Not Interested, Schuster And Mijatovic Friends again, Madrid Want Garay Back

Van Der Vaart Deal Not Done Yet

Van Der Vaart Deal Not Done Yet

Ok guys I am going to start with shock of the day news, Hamburg have said that the offer that Real Madrid have made for Van Der Vaart is unacceptable because Real Madrid is offering way less than what Hamburg want. Just as we all thought the deal was closed, Hamburg come up with a statement like this.

Well, I am going with my previous statement and that is, If Van Der Vaart costs like 5 to 6 million pounds then Real Madrid would benefit from this deal. Otherwise, I do not think paying 10 or 15 million pounds is a good deal for Van Der Vaart when considering that this is really a panic buy, Real Madrid do not actually need a player for the position Van Der Vaart prefers to plays in.

Hamburg chief Dietmar Beiersdorfer has revealed they’ve rejected a new offer from Real Madrid for midfielder Rafael van der Vaart.

The offer from Real for Van der Vaart is unacceptable, they must pay what we’re asking for,” he said. “Otherwise we will not do anything.”

Van der Vaart: Dream to play for Real Madrid

However, even with this news Van Der Vaart is staying positive about his move to Real Madrid which would be or should be the turning point in his career where he would move to The Biggest club in football from a very humble club that Hamburg is though, I should not say that after what I say from Hamburg , against Real Madrid at the Emirates Cup the other day.


Rafael van der Vaart insists he’s staying calm ashewaits for Real Madrid to complete his signing.

I’m calm, very calm,” said Van der Vaart. “I am waiting calmly to see what eventually happens. The truth is that I’m happy.

Yes, for me it’s a dream to play for Real Madrid and if in the end this agreement is closed I will be a very happy man.

Of course it is very gratifying that a team as important as Real Madrid is set on you, but I do not want to talk too much about it. You have to understand.”

Yes I understand, the only thing to be understood here is that the deal is notgoingassmoothlyaseveryonethoughtit