Robben And His Fitness, Pepe hails Schuster

Robben would like Van Der Vaart at Real and also would like to get fit

Robben would like Van Der Vaart at Real and also would like to get fit

We had Schuster earlier who really wanted Van Der Vaart, he still does but now Robben also wants Van Der Vaart, ofcourse he is his fellow countrymen Van Der Vaart. Probably, Robben thinks that he can link up with Van Der Vaart more than with Sniejder though I differ. I think Sneijder has proved it time and time again that he is a big name, big game player. He performed very well in the Euro’s but was unfortunate that Holland could not win the tournament.


Robben’s a lefty and so is Van Der Vaart, may be that way Robben would feel more comfortable on the pitch with so many lefties, like Marcelo and Drenthe. Yeah, that was very stupid logic but who knows.


Robben said about his pal Van Der Vaart

For now he is not here,” said Robben. “He is a very good player and would be a great signing for Real Madrid.

“But I remember when I was at Chelsea and Real Madrid wanted me. It was always ‘it’ll happen tomorrow morning’ and nothing happened. So I was stuck for six weeks.

“This situation is very difficult. I trained every day with Chelsea, but my head was in Madrid. My suggestion to Van der Vaart is stay calm. Just keep training with Hamburg and look after your fitness.”

Then Robben started commmenting on his situation with Real Madrid and his goals for the new seasons (which I thought was the main topic but Robben gave Van Der Vaart some worthy time too). Robben wants to silence his critics at Real Madrid, this season. Robben has remained injured for most of his time at Real Madrid. I think he has remained injured for most of his life (atleast his football career) never mind Real Madrid.

I think it was one of the reasons (probably one of the two reasons, the other reason being his attitude) why Chelsea sold him to Real Madrid. Robben is an exceptional talent no doubtbuthe is never fit enough to showcase his class on consistent basis.

Robben played very well in the previous match of Real Madrid (it was a friendly match against some Belgium’s league side)

The Dutchman has been in exciting form in preseason and declared: “I hope this is my year, but when you think about it, it becomes more difficult. Now I feel good and I am very keen.

“This season I want to enjoy playing soccer and not worry about injuries. My first objective is to be important for this team.

“It hurts a little when people say I’m injury-prone. I am not made of glass, it is only a consequence of a back problem. When people see me train they do not say these things because I show that I can be very strong.

Yeah, I can see that too but listen Robben, you have to prove it at the big stages two, its of very little use to be good at training and then get injured when the real matches start. I mean look at Recoba (Inter Milan player), he also was an awesome talent. People say Raul (who is a big name player inworldfootball,forreasonsotherthanhaving