for more signings.”

Hah, very authoritative from Schuster, publicly differing from what Calderon said. I got to say, this is one coach who does not know how to back off, he will have it his way no matter what and I think he deserves it too as he has brought some success to Real Madrid.

Part 3:Real Madrid president Calderon plays down Schuster crisis

Then after some more moments (moments mean time), Calderon said that there is no disagreement between him and Schuster though both had different views and opinions of how should Real Madrid conduct themselves in the transfermarket.

Schusterclaimed he had been kept in the dark over Real’s pursuit of both Manchester United winger Cristiano Ronaldo and Hamburg’s Rafael van der Vaart.


But Calderon countered: “I do not want to talk about some statements that I have not seen myself, but the coach knows perfectly well that he is the first to be informed. It’s logical, since he is the one who coaches this team.


I still maintain that I have full confidence in him, we all have and will remain so. Here, fortunately, there is no problem and we are happy that there are no problems.”


Told that Schuster appeared angry in his media conference, Calderon replied: “I do not know his words, but I am convinced that these were made in an ironic tone or misunderstood. The atmosphere is wonderful.”

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May be Calderon is just saying that so that the media does not know that there is some unrest among Real Madrid hiearchy and the squad which is a good thing. Good thing in a sense that he may not have the greatest of relations with Schuster but he has put Real Madrid first, behind his personal problems which he may or may not have with Schuster.

If media reports is anything to go by, then there is some tension between Schuster and Ramon Calderon.