Ramon Calderon And Schuster Misunderstanding



Seems to me that we all are just being forced to move in a circle. I mean what the heck. One week there is some development and the next week it comes back to what is was before the development (yeah I know the development word sounds X-File-ish)

Let me take all you guys through another series of events as they happened and if I did not tell you that this is Real Madrid then you would have thought your reading something of a TV series drama or something and a very bad one too, poorly scripted so to say.

Real Madrid is preparing for The Emirates Cup and as the name suggests, Arsenal is going to host this cup in which there are like 3 or 4 teams, Juventus is also taking part in it along with Real Madrid. So Mijatovic and Schuster are also in London to watch some Arsenal matches and the news came that Mijatovic held a meeting with Schuster to clear the air.

Stunned by Schuster’s claims yesterday that he wasn’t ‘in the loop‘ over Real’s transfer plans, Mijatovic wanted an explanation from the German this morning, (says AS, not me).


But Schuster is still adamant he has not been kept informed of their pursuit of both Manchester United winger Cristiano Ronaldo and Hamburg’sRafaelvan der Vaart.

Part 2: Real Madrid coach Schuster tells Calderon: I want striker signing

Then came another news that Schuster was upset with Calderon for saying that Real Madrid do not need a striker signing whereas Schuster believes that there is always room for improvement and Real Madrid definitely need a striker to back the old boys, mainly Raul and Ruud Van Nistelrooy.

Calderon ruled out moving for Valencia’s David Villa this week and when asked about the situation, Schuster rapped: “We talked about midfield reinforcements and further forward. This includes, therefore, a striker and a midfielder.