Now I know Ronaldo left Real Madrid on bad terms but lets forget all that and have a look at this finish, the commentary says it all but I think there is more to it then just a goal. Ronaldo was coming back from an injury in this match and just 10 minutes ago Roberto Carlos was sent off for a foul in the penalty box on Van Bommel (man what a looser this guy was, I am glad he is gone now). The red card was unjustified and so was the penalty in my opinion.

Anyway, it was in the Camp Nou , Barcelona’s home ground and where the fans just stomp on you. Very difficult to score a goal like that away from home. Although the commentary on this says it all, I think credit should also be given to Julio Baptista whoagainmade that powerful run in the midfield and slipped through a perfect through ball to Ronaldo.

Ronaldo’s first touch was the key here, he took it so smoothly without making any fuss about it and the composure he should at the time of finishing is just remarkable, that is why Ronaldo is one of the greatest of all time. Another Real Madrid Galacticosgoal