have a complex about this does not know me ” said Calderon. “I’m proud of the squad we have created, having signed in two summers 21 players with enormous talent who have proven they can meet any challenge that may be proposed

“That is the key to our success today “

“I do not have an obsession with anyone

Asked about complaints from Real players over the coverage of Ronaldo’s transfer saga, Calderon added: “I amgoingto visit them in training and will reassure them.”

Even Real Madrid board members are fed up with Calderon’s ambitions and have told him to stop this non sense Ronaldo chas. I think Board members have woken up from their dreams of signing Ronaldo and have realised that they cannot risk missing out on signing other players while waiting for Cristiano Ronaldo to say yes (which he won’t).

Some directors also openly disagreed with paying a world-record