Is Calderon Obesessed With Ronaldo?

Calderon says

Calderon says “I am not obsessed”

Now even the media has come to suggest that may be Calderon is obsessed about Ronaldo that is why he is not giving up the chase despite so much resistance from Manchester United and despite, that Real Madrid do not have enough funds to finance this move (Real Madrid took a loan actually to finance this move which is likely not going to happen).


But The Real Madrid president Ramon Calderon denies he is obsessed with the pursuit of Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo which I think he is, more than 90 percent of what Calderon has said in the past 1 month isaboutRonaldo or Cristiano Ronaldo or Manchester United, may be he sleeps with a pillow which has a Ronaldo picture on it. Anyway, Ramon Calderon denies it (as he should being the President of Real Madrid).

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