that atleast Real Madrid know that Baptista is a player they can count on.

Some news came on Soldado and that news is that Real Madrid has agreed a free for Soldado, its round about 5 million and the deal can be expected to be done and dusted within a week or so. I am glad, atleast Real Madrid won’t have to put up with one fringe player among many.

Saviola scored in the friendly match but still is not in Schuster's plans

Saviolascored in the friendly match but still is not in Schuster’s plans

And by the way, Soldado is still in Austria with Real’s squad, but is expected to travel to Spain for talks with Getafe this week to finalise the deal.

Since I am talking about fringe players at Real Madrid lets have a look at another one, Saviola, signed from Barcelona one season ago on a bossman deal (which means Real Madrid payed virtually nothing for him). Saviola’s status remained the same as it was at Barcelona, A Sub. Though he had a very good start to his career, once he was considered to be the golden boy of Argentinian football but as time went on, his game did not improve at all and he became a sub from a starter.

The Argentina striker said: “Today I’m staying at Real Madrid, but in the world of football one must always live day by day, because everything can turn in a second.

My mind is on preseason and when it is coming to an end, we will see with security if I stay or I go.