Saviola, Baptista And Soldado

Baptista (No he has not signed for Arsenal)

Baptista (No he has not signed for Arsenal)

Ok, may be this is a news but not for me and neither for those who have been reading by blog for about a month or so because Baptista has said this time and time again that he does not want to leave Real Madrid but if an opportunity presents itself then he would be more than willing to take it.

A target for Newcastle and Roma, Baptista said: “My desire is to play for Real more than I did in the past season and show my quality.

“For now, I plan to stay with Real Madrid, but in football everything can change in a second. The most important thing is to feel the confidence of the coach (Bernd Schuster).”

Why do these people(football players) think we cannot understand what’s going on, I know footballers are trained how to give interviews and I think it’s time to revamp the whole technique because I am getting bored of listeningtothe same statements time and time again or may be its just me and the fact is that they are professionals and they also want to protect their futures so these football players never or rarely come out and say the stuff they really want.

Baptista wants to be on the safe side. It can be clearly deduced from his statements that he wants to leave, but he is not quite sure if he is wanted by any other club so he makes a nice balanced comment of how hewantstoremainatRealMadridso