Guti Wants The Champions League


I don’t think there is a player who doesn’t want The Champions League glory and Guti is no different, it is rather logical, that since Real Madrid has not progressed past the round of 16 for the past five seasons, Guti is bound to feel that way. I think the whole of Real Madrid and it’s community is under pressure now because a while has past since Real Madrid won it’s last Champions League title.

I don’t think it is absolutely Real Madrid’s fault that Real Madrid could not progress beyond the round of 16, Real Madrid has been extremely and I mean extremely unlucky for the past 3 consecutive seasons. We always had the toughest of draw whereas as Manchester United always was given the weakest team from the bunch.

I took the Manchester United example because they also had not progressed beyond round of 16 for 3 seasons and then in the next one, Manchester United got Lille I think and Real Madrid got Bayern Munich. Manchester United went into the semis of 2006-2007 Champions League and then in 2007-2008 Real Madrid got Roma and Manchester United got Lyon.( I have all the facts and figures and all the lineups against Manchester United did the 7-1 an all but that counts to anotherpostso I wont go into detail here).

As I was saying, Guti probably feels that too. The match against Arsenal in 05-06 season was a very very tight affair, Ronaldo was denied a penalty which could have tipped the balance in Real Madrid’s favour as, there was only one goal scored over the two legs between Real Madrid and Arsenal and that goal was scored by Henry.

Then Against Bayern Munich, Real Madrid went into Bayern Munichs home with a 3-2 lead and Real Madrid was disallowed a good goal from Sergio Ramos by the refree which I think was unfair as the ball didn’t hit his hand to change it’s directionnordiditaffectthewaythe