Well it is not really a post but I just wanted to share Casillas’s thought with all of you, enjoy the first few questions and if you get interested then follow on.


How many times have you seen a picture of yourself lifting the Euro 2008 Cup?
So many… I will never forget it. It’s on the internet, in the newspapers… It’s even published now that Carlos Sastre’s won the Tour de France. It’s nice to be part of that picture.

What did your teammates say to you when you returned?
They all congratulated us and said they enjoyed watching Spain play so well. They are very happy for us.

Have you teased Cannavaro about it?
I shouldn’t say this, but I have a bit. Nevertheless, as soon as he utters the words “world champion” one has to shut up, but at least I’ve enjoyed myself a little.


Have you spoken with Raúl?

Yes. He congratulated me and told me he enjoyed watching Spain play. He is very happy for us.

And with Schuster?

He’s laughed with us. He is German, but I think he also feels a little Spanish, so he is happy for us too.

Is it hard to return to the team and answer so many questions about Real Madrid?

It actually isn’t. I’ve been on holiday four weeks and I don’t know anything about all the stuff people are talking about. I have heard about the possible signing of Cristiano Ronaldo because he makes every single front page, but I know nothing on the situation.

Regardless of who joins the team, the core is already there…

Yes, that’s true. We had a good season last year and won the league. We didn’t get Real Madrid as far as it deserves in Europe, so we know we have to take it a step further this year. It will be difficult to dominate in the league again this season, but we’ll try. We will also work harder to reach the semifinals in the Champions League in order to have a greater chance of playing in the final. We’ve been losing in the quarterfinals for a long time now and we all think we should reach further.


Do you think you need some new players in order to be stronger in Europe?

I don’t know. We’ll see as the season unfolds. Every other team has made reinforcements during the summer and we’ve recovered players who were on loan last year.

Did it feel better to win the Euro with Spain than winning a ChampionsLeague?

<palign=”justify”> I have to say it’s a very different feeling. Winning a Euro with Spain isn’t the same as winning a Champions League with Real Madrid. A Euro takes place every four years and a Champions League every season, and Spain hadn’t won an international title in 44 years. The feeling was probably similar to the one felt by the Real Madrid players who won the Club’s seventh European Cup. The Euro is one of the most important titles in my career.

What do you think of Cristiano Ronaldo?

As a football fan I believe he is a great player. He’s proved it every season at Manchester United and everybody wants him to sign for Real Madrid. But there are great players all over the place: Ibrahimovic at Inter, Gerrard at Liverpool, Lampard at Chelsea… The’re all very good, but Cristiano happens to be the talk of the town these days.

The secret to Real Madrid’s success is the good vibes on the team, just like on the Spanish squad…

We all have to help out, and winning helps us too because we’re all better, prettier and happier. But a true team truly sticks out in rough times. We had both very good and terriblemomentslastyearandtheteampulled