not, Barcelona also wanted to sign Beckham and Ronaldinho was not their priority at that time. Real Madrid got Beckham and Barcelona got Ronaldinho and sadly Barcelona got the best into that deal.

Benzema has said that he wants to play in Spain (actually he said he wanted to play for Barcelona on one occasion and on another, he said that he would like to play for Real Madrid) but here is another twist, Benzema says that he wants to play for another season at Lyon so this means Real Madrid and Barcelona AND many other clubs, cannot or should not negotiate with him this season.

Few weeks ago I heard that Real Madrid have the first option on Benzema but now it seems that Barcelona have not taken this news lightly and want to begin talks with Benzema for next seasons move right now and as you would expect, Real Madrid isnotsitting idle either.

I think Real Madrid is more hungry for Benzema. First because Barcelona already has added some very very good players to an already very very good squad, though they had some inner problems but I am talking in terms of talent right now. Anyway, so Barcelona would not be so much inclined to pay crazy money for Benzema in trying to fend off Real Madrid.

Whereas Real Madrid has had very little re-enforcements and now Ronaldo’s chase is coming to an embarassing end, Real Madrid definitely would go for Benzema and pay whatever Lyon ask to satisfy the usual impatient Real Madrid fans and to give some options to Schuster as well so that Real Madrid could compete for the Champions League next season because with Van Nistelrooy as the only pure and recognised striker currently in the squad , surely Real Madrid cannot rely on him to play every match or even every important match.

Robben was flying high in the last game

Robben was flying high in the last game


Moving on to the wingers side of the team (excluding the Robinho’s situation here) Robben had a great game two days ago in a friendly match against a team whose name I can’t remember. Robben performed very well and looked in good shape, was good on the ball and took on defenders with his usual deadly speed, thats basically all to this news.

The Dutch winger had a hand in two of the game’s goals and remarked afterwards: “I think it was a good physical test

Personally I am very well and things have gone just perfect for me and the team. What I want is to be stronger every day, do well in training and prepare for a great season

For me, this year is very important because last season I was often injured. I want to do well right from the start.”