arestill at the same stage as they were a week ago which is a long time in football.

This summer is the most boring I have endured so far especially the Ronaldo saga has made me sick.

So whats up now a days, yeah nothing is up (except for the roof ofcourse). Same old story that I had blogged about a month ago that Newcastle is interested in Baptista, who wants a move to Roma where he can play as a starter and may be get some Champions League football there as well.

Newcastle, I think do not have enough about it so sign someone as ambitious as Baptista because I think Baptista has the potential to be one of thetop10 attacking players in the world.

So Roma and Newcastle both want the former Arsenal player but Real Madrid want the two clubs to engage in a bidding war for Baptista which ofcourse it going to raise the price for Baptista, apparently Newcastle and Roma are offering about 7 or 8 million pounds but Real Madrid want something like