Riise and Simone Loria are two excellent reinforcements, but now I expect another two signings of great quality,” he told Gazzetta dello Sport.

If we want to compete with Inter, Milan and Juventus, we need at least two more important players. At the moment, we are the fourth strongest side in Serie A

Er Pupone aired a grievance with Amantino Mancini, who left the club to join rivals Inter: “Inter are trying to strengthen their side by weakeningours.They have the capabilities to cherry-pick from other clubs, while it is more difficult for us.”

Returning attention to his own club and their pursuit of Real Madrid’s powerful attacking midfielder, Julio ‘The Beast’ Baptista, he said: “I like Baptista and hope he does come to Roma, but we need another reinforcement after that.”

We will try to repeat our past success and aim for something more important than the Coppa Italia.”

The fact the Champions League dinal will be played in Rome is an event that for my generation won’t return again. It is our objective, even more so than the Scudetto.”

Recalling their previous and only Champions League final in 1984, which they lost on penalties to Liverpool, he said: “I was eight years old. I watched it on television with my whole family. I remember Roberto Pruzzo’s goal and the silence during the penalties. Rome was mute.”