Real Madrid Want Ronaldo Who Wont Get A New Contract


Ok, so Real Madrid is going to continue chasing Ronaldo no matter what Manchester United say. Yesterday, Ramon Calderon said that the deal is as good as done, don’t know why still has to insist on signing Ronaldo if the deal is going that well.

I can say he’ll be a Manchester United player next season. That’s our stance. He won’t be sold,” Ferguson told a news conference in South Africa Friday where the side is on a pre-season tour.

Ferguson can say whatever he wants but the fact is that the transfer saga is not over just yet, there is still time left and I think in the end Ronaldo will come to Real Madrid which would be beneficial for both sides.

I have heard that Ferguson is going to talk with Ronaldo again in a few weeks time to clear the matter but Marca (A Spanish Newspaper) says that Ronaldo will ask Manchester United to let him leave for Real Madrid.I am just sick of these Spanish Newspapers, sometimes they say some of the most stupidest things I have ever heard. I mean still they say that Ronaldo will be signed by Real Madrid even if negotiations start in August.

I think and I think Ramon Calderon also knows that Manchester United and Ferguson are being stubborn only because they want Real Madrid to pay more for Ronaldo.

Real Madrid has got the loan it wanted for the transfer of Ronaldo. Ronaldo will cost around 80 million euros but Real Madrid insist that they will not pay 100 million for any player, not even Ronaldo. I like that attitude, that will put Manchester United in its place. They should know that Real Madrid is not desperate to sign Ronaldo and will not pay crazy money for him.

Ronaldo himself wants the Real Madrid move although he has enjoyed so much success over the past two years with Manchester United, scoring 42 goals and also helped Manchester United win two league titles and Champions League title in two seasons. I think we all know that every player wants to play for Real Madrid at one time or another in his career and I think the time is right now for Ronaldo.

And as it always is, Manchester United is not happy with Ronaldo for stating publicly that he wants to go to Real Madrid, because One, Real Madrid would be encouraged by that and TWO, Real Madrid would not pay the 100 million euro for Ronaldo as Real Madrid would know that Ronaldo himself wants to leave, which Real Madrid already know by now.

Thisis whatI read at a website:

Former England manager Terry Venables meanwhile accused the player of being “selfish” with his attempt to break his contract with Old Trafford.

” Ronaldo has four years left on a highly lucrative deal that he was overjoyed to sign 15 months ago,” he wrote in his weekly column in British daily The Sun.

What on earth gives him the right, now, to just throw it in the air and say ‘I’ve had enough, I’m off’? It’s selfish, it’s immoral, it’s potentially devastating for the game as a whole. It’s wrong,” he added.

Ronaldo signed a new five-year contract with Manchester in April 2007 after being linked with a move to Spanish giants Real Madrid and Barcelona.

He joined the English side in August 2003 from Portuguese first division side Sporting Lisbon on a five-year contract which he extended by a further two years in November 2005.Ronaldo Calm Over Future

Ronaldo inspite of all the speculation over his future has said that he is calm about his future though does not know where he will play next season, hah, great composure, hope Ronaldo can show some of it in big matches as well.

Real Madrid is also putting a lot of pressure on Manchester United. I have heard timeandtimeagainthatReal