ofwinners,” del Bosque added of the team that were recently crowned European champions.
My Thoughts

I think Raul deserves this more than anything else. Arogonas was very unfair to Raul and now that he is gone, I think Raul, as he has done always, is going to work hardtoget back into the Spanish National team.

That could have side effect though and that is, Raul will not be so much rested while playing for Real Madrid, if he also plays for Spain and neither will feel fresh like last season. Raul is now in his early 30’s and at this stage of his career I think it is best for Real Madrid that Raul does not play for Spain so that he can perform better for Real Madrid.

With that said, I am not saying that Raul should not be selected for Spain, I am just telling it from Real Madrid’s point of view.