Calderon Risking Real Madrid’s financial Situation

Ramon Calderon is being questioned now

Ramon Calderon is being questioned now

OK, guys looks like Real Madrid is not an Immortal Bank as I thought it was as there have been reports that Real Madrid would need to borrow some loan to finance C.Ronaldo’s transfer while the club’s debt continue to increase to an extent that it could increase about 100 million euro per season which is like a lot of money.

Los Merengues’ high profile chase of the Crisitano Ronaldo is papering over the cracks of an ever-worsening bank balance under Ramón Calderón’s regime, according to El Mundo Deportivo.

Now I know, to some it may sound strange as during Perez’s time Real Madrid seemed to have spent a lot more than these past two seasons under Ramon Calderon but the fact is that while Perez signed some big money players, he only signed one whereas Ramon Calderon though has not bought a player worth more than 30 million euro ( I think), has signed like 13 players since his appointment as the President in the last twoseasonwhich means 7 players per year which is ridiculous.

Florentino Pérez managed to put the club back on even keel after the financial situation by selling some less frequently used training ground facilities to the government I think, before that it was reputedly become very serious under Lorenzo Sanz, but the current board are undoing that work.

I heard that Real Madrid’s hierarchy is becoming increasingly concerned over the financial situation at the club as there is only 25 million euros left in the WhiteHouse’saccount.