Calderon says Ronaldo Will Join The Galacticos

Calderon says Real Madrid is in excellent financial situation

Calderon says Real Madrid is in excellent financial situation and will sign C.Ronaldo

I do not want to call Real Madrid the Galacticos but the reason I do this now is because of the interest of Real Madrid in Ronaldo which will more or less through Real Madrid back to the start of this policy some six years ago. Even then it was thought as nothing more than just a quality player signing but in the end it turned into a turmoil which I do not want Real Madrid to go through again.

Calderon has broken his silence over the last few days about Ronaldo saga and now says that this saga is going to turn into reality by saying that the Ronaldo deal is going well and Real Madrid should have Ronaldo in about 2 weeks time.

The last Real Madrid board meeting before summer holidays took place yesterday afternoon at the club’s stadium.

From what I have heard is that Calderón’s board of directors were anxiously eager to hear what the chairman had to say on the summer transfers, specially on the interest in Cristiano Ronaldo and Rafael van der Vaart.

And believe it or not, Calderón started the meeting by saying that Real Madrid will have an impressive budget of EUR400 million(man that is alot of money) for the nextseason,which was applauded by the entire boardroom. But wait a minute, is that budget the budget for the whole club or just the budget for the transfers. If this budget is for transfers then I think Real Madrid plan to buy 25 players next season and sell 25 current players in the squad. I think it’s the clubs overall budget because that is some scary money.

He went on to comment on the status of Cristiano Ronaldo’s transfer, ensuring that he is tranquil over the success of the deal.

Relax, he won’t say no now. We won’t miss on him. You can be sure of that. In ten or fifteen days we will arrive,” Calderón said.

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