both put across our points of view; where we stand and where the player stands. I wasn’t panicked because the player is under contract, so the strength and the rights are with Manchester United.”

What we have done well is to say nothing. We’ve kept quiet on this matter and kept it private, and what I said to Cristianoremainsprivate. I did go and see him last week in Portugal, and it was very amicable and there were no problems. That’s where we are and we carry on.”

Ronaldo, who scored a league-leading 31 goals and led United to titles in the Premier League and Champions League last season, underwent ankle last week. Ferguson insists he will not be rushed back.

“He is on crutches for the first four weeks and will be in rehabilitation for the next four weeks,” Ferguson said. “Then the following four weeks, he will be back into football training. The time mapped out is three months, and we won’t bring him back a day earlier than that.”