andperformances on the pitch.

I think, there is always a dark side of everthing, and that is the dark side that Ronaldo would bring along with him to the Bernabeu. But the deal is still not done yet so we canoot say anything for sure but I think Schuster will be able to handle Ronaldo well as Schuster himself was this kind of a player who used to get all the attention from the media for the right andwrongreasons.

I think it is disrespect to certain Real Madrid players who have played so well for so long in the famous white jersey. I think Real Madrid should only take it as a transfer not anything special, otherwise I think most of the players would get low on self confidence.

Players like Casillas and Raul who should be getting all the praise in the media for Euro and last season in La Liga respectively and they are not getting that praise which could lead to many players thinking about their situation at Real Madrid upon Ronaldo’s arrival.

But like I said, the deal is nowhere near start and the media is talking about its end, its after effects. Lets hope that if Ronaldo comes then it would not be as bad as some of the news are making us or at least making me believe it could be.