Sneijder: Man Utd’s Ronaldo will hurt Madrid spirit

Wesley Sneijder has questioned Real Madrid’s pursuit of Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Dutch midfielder admits Ronaldo’s arrival could rock the Real dressing room, telling AS: “Clearly, I want to play with Cristiano, but we must also maintain a balance in the dressing room “

“Cristiano is a great player, has enough quality and if he came to Madrid would be welcomed by the whole group “

“But I think by continually talking about him, it’s showing a little disrespect to the players who are here. Real Madrid has a lot of quality people.”

My Thoughts

Exactly my point Sneijder!! well done my boy, you are not as dumb as you look. I think Sneijder has hit the nail right on its head by saying that though Ronaldo wouldbringsome glamor to Real Madrid but that would certainly affect the atmosphere of the dressing room in a negative way.

I think he is right in the sense that none of the players that currently play for Real Madrid are as high profiled as Ronaldo is, though they are equally talented but Ronaldo just has so much charisma. I think Ronaldo’s arrival would certainly affect all players in their mentality