veryphysicalastheyarein the EPL, where Baptista proved to be a flop because he could not adapt to the quickness and fast paced play in the EPL.

I think in this regard, Serie A would suit him better as the game there is generally slower than the EPL, so Baptista would get more time on the ball. Also, by having first team action in the Champions League (if he signs for Roma) Baptista would have a chance to show his talents and may be he could come back to Real Madridorgo to another big European club because with all due respect, Roma is not a big European club.

Roma is more close to Lyon now a days. I think Roma are consolodating very strongly on their previous two seasons performance, that is why Roma is signing some good, experienced players who can transform the club into a big European club. I think the sale of Mancini would help Roma as he was really a pain in the backside. I think he was too cocky for his talents and thought of himself as a world class player whereas he was not one.

I think Baptista would not have any problems like this. I think Baptista realizes that although he is known in Europe for his talents, he still needs to perform way better if he wants to end up at a big Club like Chelsea, Manchester United, Barcelona, Real Madrid etc etc.

I wish him good luck if he leaves because he would not be able to play regularly here at Real Madrid that is for sure. HALA MADRID