ornot because Real Madrid is prepared to pay whatever Manchester United would ask, below 100 million euros that is.

I think you know it, Manchester United know this, Real Madrid know this and I think Ronaldo knows it as well that Ronaldo will be sold to Real Madrid because Manchester United, in the amount of debt their under and the signing that Ferguson wantsdoneand dusted, have to sell Ronaldo for such a large sum that Real Madrid is offering.

I think one more thing that has certainly buzzed up this saga again is the departure of Carlos Queroz from Manchester United, who was the assistant coach of Ferguson. Upon Manchester United’s refusal to assure Queiroz as a first team coach after Ferguson’s retirement. Queiroz thought it would be better if he just left Manchester United.

C.Ronaldo has close ties with this man and this can be the final nail in the coffin for the Ronaldo saga. Queiroz was like a father figure to Ronaldo and I think Ronaldo now knows that nothing is guaranteed at Manchester United while at Real Madrid it is unless the fans boo you out of the stadium.