Real Madrid president Calderon not so bullish over Man Utd’s Ronaldo


Real Madrid president Ramon Calderon has played down their bid for Manchester United winger Cristiano Ronaldo.

Dismissing talk of a meeting with Ronaldo while Real holds their preseason camp in The Algarve, just 4km from Ronaldo’s home, Calderon said: “This is not an issue for Real Madrid, it is between the player and Manchester United “

“If they ever decide to sell him it still doesn’t mean that we’ll reach an agreement, only if the price is reasonable.”

My ThoughtsSeems like even though Real Madrid president Ramon Calderon has said that there would be no signings this season, he is looking forward for Ronaldo’s arrival. What amastermove by Real Madrid by having a training camp 4 Km from Ronaldo’s house. Maybe the Real Madrid players can get a lunch break over Ronaldo’s house or something where they could discuss some team strategies with Ronaldo.

I think Calderon is now cool over this Ronaldo saga as he knows that it really depends on Ronaldo whether he wants to come to Real Madrid