striker who would not mind sitting on the bench and would not be a big ego in the dressing room either. Ithink this is one probelm Real Madrid could have if they sign Huntelaar, a talent like Huntelaar is not going to tolerate what Real Madrid did to Saviola and I am not comparing Saviola to Huntelaar, Huntelaar is better even at this stage.

I think this is some sort of a attack of Daniel Alves , Poulsen and Keita by Fabiano. Listen buddy,thosethree left because they deserved it, they were all good enough to join the great clubs of European Foobtall. I do not think that Fabiano has that sort of a talent that could take him to a big European club. I think he is more like Saha who will evantually go to a big club but only as a sub striker, used for emergency only.

I think he needs to develop some individual skils in order to play as a starter for a big club like Real Madrid or Barcelona. I think what he does now is just pure consistency and we all know that form is temporary, class is permanent. Fabiano is not of the highest class and is very consistent, or atleast he was last season.

Anyway, I think Real Madrid should not buy him for that amount of money, that would be like the worst signing of the summer for that amount. I think if Sevilla ask like 3 million for him then buy him. I know I am being unrealistic but that is what I think Fabiano is worth.