wouldbolster Real Madrid’s wing options and would bring a lot of money. Real Madrid’s name would be on the Champions Leauge magazine front page. The whole world now wants a piece of Ronaldo, if Real Madrid sign him, sponsors would come flooding in to Real Madrid.

The thing that worries me is that if Ronaldo is signed and Robinho is notsold,then Robben would be completely wasted and I am asking this, If Real Madrid had already planned to go for Ronaldo then why did Real Madrid go for Robben in the first place and paid such a huge amount for a talent like Robben.

Not that Robben is going to a play a full season anyway, but still, last season there were very few games in which Robinho and Robben played together so what I am asking is that, is Schuster that stupid that he bought a 30 million euro odd player just for the bench. Not a very sensible thing to do or is it.

Hope Real Madrid get Ronaldo while his image lasts, otherwise, from a sporting point of view I would say, waste your money somewhere else.