mile betterr than what it was when he came to Manchester United. Part of it, you can say that Real Madrid did not have a coach like ALex Ferguson neither had a assistant coach like Queiroz who knew Ronaldo inside out.

Whereas, if you look at Robinho, the only thing I can notice that he has IMPROVED on, remember we are talking about IMPROVING, not the things he already had at Santos, is his decision making ability of when to dribble and when not to dribble, yeah like Ronaldo, Robinho also had that problem, he started dribbling where everhepleased and that also happened under Fabio Capello, who I think is a better coach than Ferguson.

Capello forced Robinho to work hard in training which lead to some improvement in Robinho’s fitness as well and also made him work hard for his place in the team. Schuster has not done anything spectacular to his game.

Part of the reason why Robinho has not improved so much as Ronaldo could be explained by the fact that Robinho had all what it takes to be the best in the world accept physical strength and fitness. C.Ronaldo had a lot of things to improve on which he did and now he is on top of the world.

So I think Robinho now wants to prove that he is capable of fullfilling his promise, the promise that was given to the world by Pele, when he said that “when Robinho plays, I see myself in him” and no doubt Robinho did play like Pele at Santos but Robinho has just not been able to adjust to the much quicker game in Europe as compared to the America’s while Messi and C.Ronaldo both have.

Anyway, for me Messi is pure gold while C.Ronaldo still needs to improve and Robinho needs to improve a lot to catch up with those two.